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December 5, 2007

mAg!caL CanDyz

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i used to make something that could motivate or even just to make me feel a bit unique compare to others…so regarding that, i try to do things that most people rarely ever did before…one of the example is as follow

ini looooh *the most wanted candy*this is one of the legendary candy–>why is it so?coz i’m the one and only who have the idea to make my own name composition made from candies…

however these things quite attracted people to steal it from me, and all i can say is : D-O-N-T! and you’ll be sorry for doing so…coz i won’t let anyone take it from me…(caeelaaaah uda dgn semangat membara ala pejuang 45 lengkap dgn bandana di kepala huehahahaha)…

yaaah walopun sebenernya banyak juga yg nakut2in karena konon tu permen uda kadaluarsa–> i never open it since the first time i bought it….(about 6-7 months ago hahaha)…but i guess it’s not a big problem anyway…as long as there’s no ants coming over my desk…then i can guarantee that they are still edible (dare to try??)


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  1. gratis gak kenal kadaluarsa

    Comment by eemoo — November 9, 2009 @ 2:21 pm

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