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January 2, 2008

GosH! it reaLLy hUrt…

Filed under: p3r$onaL pR0f!Le — theloebizz @ 10:19 pm

first day at office in 2008….well at first everything went just fine until….that PMS thing attack me T_T..yupzz…none can predict when will it come, rite??….yes of course that was not my first time, i’ve been in this situation since years ago…but then i just don’t have the immunity from that disease….once i sufferred from this pain it’ll make me : freezing, felt like your stomach being squeezed, the leg is very sore, last wanna puke (thx God i didn’t do the last one today hehehe)…

since i got addicted using YM (yahoo messenger) to chit-chat with my colleagues…some of my friends try to cheer me up…and somehow that lift my spirit up again and try to forget the pain i felt inside…eheeem specially the afternoon call hehehe…i was planning to go home earlier actually but i canceled it since i had so many things to finished phiuuuuh…

though i had a hard beginning this year but hopefully the rest of the year will be as wonderful as my dreams and imaginations…^_^ganbate!!!


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